How Much Would You Take To Be The Star of a Shitty Shoe Brand?

Klay Thompson just signed a 10-year deal with Anta, which is supposedly worth $80 million-ish. That is a lot of money. But that is also not a great look. Nobody is getting robbed in the streets for their Antas.

I like to look at this as a sort of philosophical debate. How much money would you take for humiliation?

Of  course, there are other factors at play. Lets look at Thompson, for example. In 2014, Klay signed a 4 year deal worth around $70 million. While his stock has undoubtably risen, that is still a fortune. But compare that to his deal with Anta, and it doesn’t look as good.

I often think about being rich (because what else is there to think about) and how I would live if I had the type of money Klay Thompson does. I see that type of wealthy in basically two different terms. Either you have the ability to own a sports franchise, or you don’t. Aside from having enough money to own a team, there isn’t much you can do with $2 billion that you can’t do with $200 million.

So I’ve always been a bit perplexed by wealthy people who are workaholics even though they have $100 million. At that point, there is really no change in lifestyle if you gain $50 million more, so why do these people put themselves through working hell when they could be relaxing at a beachfront mansion?

That’s the lens that I look through in regards to Klay’s shitty shoe. He has made enough money, and is most certainly going to get another huge contract in 2018, that the $80 million from Anta will not significantly change his lifestyle.

To me, that makes it not worth it to be part of such an obscure brand. As a semi-sneakerhead, I’m thinking of all the exclusive shoes that could be awarded to a player of Klay’s caliber from Nike and Adidas. Or the fact that they are based in the US.

All of this also has to be considered that I am one for convenience over pride. Would it be cool to have your own signature shoe? Sure. But as the age old question goes, if your signature sure is an Anta, do you really have a signature shoe?

No, is of course the answer to that.

You also have to look at Klay’s China tour, which seems to be going well (aside from a couple of mishaps). However, I would consider going from city to city in unending PR stunts would be a miserable experience. The general public is awful. If I were a famous basketball player, I  would be even less inclined to interact with them.

So, if I were Klay, I would give a big no thanks to the Anta deal. I would take the convenience and reliability of a brand like Nike or Adidas over the extra money Anta could give out.


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