I Should Hate Saul Goodman for Making an Old Woman Cry, But I Don’t

In last week’s episode of “Better Call Saul” we saw Jimmy McGill at what many would consider his most loathsome, when he made an old lady incredibly sad by turning her friends against her in a life where that is all she has left.

While I was watching, I was at first repulsed by what Jimmy was doing. What kind of trash person would willingly corrupt a group of sweet old ladies? Damn you, Jimmy, I thought. That is a move that only a heartless monster would make, and it is especially brutal considering how he was the sole orchestrator of the situation.

But then I started to think a little bit more about it, and I have reversed my original stance. I fully support Jimmy’s actions. Does ruining a group of the most gentle of ladies suck? Of course. Would I do that very thing to gain 1.6 million dollars? I’d say yes quicker than you can say “fuck those old ladies.”

Yes, I must admit that I’d sell my decency for that much money, but I judge anybody that wouldn’t. Look at that group of grandmas and tell me they haven’t lived a full life. If one of them has to make some more new friends at the end because you poisoned her other ones against her, so be it. I would expect somebody to do that to me if they were getting 1.6 million dollars. Maybe she make her family visit a little more or something. Or maybe she should be more likeable and her friends wouldn’t turn against her. I would expect somebody to do that to me if they were getting 1.6 million dollars.

Either way, I give Jimmy a pass. His life is at a crossroads, he’s barely making enough to stay afloat. It’s actually pretty selfish of the old lady to not sign the deal. She deserves whatever she’s got coming. That’s the price of naivety. 

Sidenote – In relation to Jimmy’s round-bottomed walking shoes, remember when Karl Malone was a spokesperson for Sketchers Shape Ups? Absolutely wild. The Mailman, one of the rawest, toughest, most physically imposing basketball players ever, was reduced to walking in clown shoes.


Man, life after being a professional athlete has got to be so depressing.


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