Christ, Rangers

I will admit that I am no hockey expert. I’ve only been following for a few years now, so I don’t know the ins and outs like I do with other sports. But Christ, I sure as hell know that the New York Rangers are having quite the series shitting themselves with a late lead.

Full disclosure, I do have some money on the Rangers, so I’ve got stake in these games. Rangers at +1400 before the playoffs, and they got Henrik so why the hell not take a chance. Little did I know when I made the bet that the Rangers would find it seemingly impossible to stop a 6 on 5 attack. It’s not goddam Thermopylae, the numbers aren’t that insurmountable. It’s gotten to the point where, unless they are up 3, I have no confidence in the lead.

Game 1, shit the bed with a minute left. Game 2, give up a 2 goal lead 4 times. Game 5, shit the already shit stained bed. Any more shitty road games and the blueshirts become the brownshirts.

Also let me put this out there – I put no blame on Henrik. Though I can’t speak on specific goalie play, In Henrik We Trust. It’s bad Juju to starts throwing blame around on the only man that could win you the cup.

So how about you figure it out Rangers. Get the right line out there when you know they’re going empty net. As a complete bandwagon fan, I feel disrespected. If I hop on the ship, the ship best not be sinking. Plug up the holes, get your win in the Garden, and then go back to Ottawa and get to the conference finals. Fuck Ottawa. I had to look up how to spell it because who the hell knows how to spell Ottawa? I still couldn’t even place it on a map. You can’t be the team from the greatest city in the world an lose to like the 4th most recognizable city in Canada. That’s just sad.

What a hockey blog.


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